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Lloyd uses various metals to create jewelry, medals, sculptures and vessels. Several commissions recently have drawn from his interests in Japanese art and from his interest in nature and the landscape. Small table sculptures were influenced by “okimono” or small ornamental collectables from nineteenth-century Japan. A series of silver cups drew on Lloyd’s love of the Japanese tea bowl with their earthiness, simplicity, and unpretentiousness. Still another series was taken in form from images that were produced from satellite photos. All of the pieces of each commission were done with an individual attention thus assuring that no two are exactly alike.

This small table sculpture was crafted in 1998 as a gift for people who provided extraordinary support during Carleton College's Assuring Excellence capital campaign. For more information on commissioned work, including rings and jewlery, vessels or Okimono, please contact Tim.




Sterling silver, copper, approx. 12cm.







"While okimono are often very realistic objects, depicting animals, fruits, vegetables, or insects, this piece differs due to my own interests in abstraction. This okimono does not refer to any particular object, instead recalling for me rock eroded by river water or driftwood found on the beach"

Dunham Family Memorial












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